About Us

Laylee Recovery started when we were in search for our own pre & post operative recovery items and struggled. With the thought it would be as easy as walking into the local chemist and buying everything needed then and there but I was wrong.

It took over 3 weeks, visiting multiple chemists and numerous online purchases before even half of the things needed were gathered.


Laylee Recovery was created.


Having had surgeries myself and working very closely with others who have also, I know first hand the things that will help in your recovery and the things that are a waste of money. 

Having cosmetic or plastic surgery can cause an array of emotions, it can be exciting, stressful, you could feel anxious or scared. Don't let the stress of having to find all of your pre and post surgical needs make it harder, we have done all of the work for you.

Everything you need plus more in a beautifully designed gift box, delivered straight to your door, so you can enjoy the process of your surgery and the new you.